Coronavirus Crisis: Businesses need to work smarter!

The economic crisis of the decade is here and most of the businesses in the SME sector are going to experience the heat of the upcoming crisis. The crisis is inevitable, yet the question is how to tackle the challenge?. The corona Virus disease has put the world into sleep. Promotions, events, expos, sales visits, advertisements have taken a backseat. Most of the businesses with no reserves have already shut turning the situation into a Warfield, the global economic crisis. The time is here to prepare your businesses for the long haul.

Businesses need to work smarter and be ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Some of the measures that you could take to prepare your marketing activity during the corona crisis.


1. Crisis leads to invasion. Maintain your existing customer base.

Staying in constant touch with your customers through business updates, post-recovery plans, technological innovations, etc., shall help your business to establish continuity. Mailers, Social Media, WhatsApp info-capsules can help you do this.


2. Social Distancing is a restriction now! Not in Digital space though

Still under the impression ‘Social Media is for kids, Legends go to the Expos and Conferences’? Not so anymore. Establish your social pages now and load them up with good content, build your community and stay in touch! Moreover, most of the WFH is definitely going to switch screens to social media between their sessions.


3. You are the Boss, yet you too are home!

Staying home once in a while is good! Atleast during the pandemic, it’s a must. Why not turn your time productive, doing some good for your business in the long term? Take a while and visit your rusty old website, read through thoroughly. Does the content there, actually make any sense to your business these days? Think and reframe, restructure, redesign


4. Work, when the entire world is sleeping!

Most of the businesses have shut down, employees have been sent on leave, marketing activities were withdrawn. The only space that remains unaffected is the digital space. Plan your pocket-friendly marketing activities there. Optimize your search engine space (talk to an SEO expert, this shouldn’t cost you more than a fresher’s salary a month), get your google ranking improved, ask you connects to review your business on Google (people have a lot of time) and get yourself ready for the re-opening.


5. Not well versed with digital aspects? Talk to an expert.

Freelancing digital marketers are plenty in the market. But choosing the right one for your business the choice you need to make. The one with limited clients, quality of work, one who can spend time to listen to your requirements is the one you need!


6. Reserve the salary of a fresher, for the digital well-being of your organization

That’s all you need to expend for all of the above. Most of the platforms in digital marketing are free of cost. All you need to expend is towards the services offered by your digital marketing consultant, that could be less than what you pay to a fresher!

Corona Virus is indeed dangerous and leading the world towards an unpredictable crisis. But businesses need to be optimistic and explore the opportunities amidst the downfall. Stay Safe, Stay alert, Start your digital journey today!

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