Marketing for Real Estate Companies: Time to shift from print to digital marketing!

An electronic version of the real estate industry, internet real estate is the concept of publishing housing estates for sale or rent, and for consumers seeking to buy or rent a property.
One of the prime differences between traditional real estate and internet real estate is often, the absence of the middleman, known as a broker or a real estate agent. At times, real estate agents may be present, still dealing with customers directly from the web.

Are you looking for killer marketing ideas for real estate agents in 2016? Look no further because we’ve compiled some of the best ideas for you to use in the coming year.

SEO: When house hunting, 90% of buyers use the Internet. In fact, 53% of buyers start their search online
More than ever, people head online when it comes to looking for homes and finding Realtors
With so much opportunity online, realtors can’t afford to miss out on this valuable traffic; for professionals in real estate, SEO is more important than ever.
When it comes to capturing traffic for terms related to real estate, SEO efforts begin with local keyword targets on a personal website.
Target Local Keyword Phrases
69% of home shoppers begin their research with a local keyword phrase,
Really focus on capturing local traffic. You have a much better chance to rank as you build your site and traffic, you can eventually target more competitive terms
follow all SEO best practices such as using the keyword in:

Meta Description
Title tag
ALT tag on photos
File name on photos
The content

PPC: PPC management program is proven to be effective at generating the leads you want and within your budget.
online advertising. the improved ability to track the performance of online advertising resulted in new pricing models. The most popular of these is “pay-per-click” (PPC) advertising.
The basic concept of PPC advertising is simple: The advertiser pays a certain amount every time their ad is clicked by a viewer. Typically, clicking on the ad takes the viewer to the advertiser’s website, often to a specific page tailored to what was offered in the ad (called a “landing page”).
Understanding PPC advertising requires a brief look at the relationship between real estate advertising sellers and buyers
Making some good choices about what happens before and after viewers click on your ads improves your chances of success. So let’s look at what you can do to create productive PPC campaigns, along with a few tips real estate brokers can use for their unique needs.

Before the click: Target Well
All clicks aren’t created equal. To maximize your real estate lead generation, you want to get clicks from viewers who are well-qualified buyers or sellers.

The first strategy for doing this is obvious — content targeting. In other words, you place ads on websites that have content appealing to potential home buyers or sellers and pay each time your ad is clicked.

Social media: Social media provides a way to further connect with your local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts. Social can build trust and spread your marketing through friends of friends.
Facebook is where people go to connect with friends and family online. Most realtors want to connect with friends and family of clients. It provides trust and word of mouth marketing.
Once you have a Page, use it to engage your clients:

  1. Post about Your Neighbourhood.
  2. Use Images when you Update.
  3. Post about Events in Your Neighbourhood.
  4. Show You Care About Your Clients.
  5. Engage with Contests.
  6. Use Geo-targeted ads.

Twitter is another amazing way to keep connected to your clients. Twitter gives you 140 characters (or less), to give updates to your Followers. Use it to engage, and keep strengthening your relationships.

  1. Tweet Tips about Staging and Moving.
  2. Tweet Local News.
  3. Tweet Questions.
  4. Use Hashtags.
  5. Tweet about Charity Events.
  6. Use @mentions to Keep in Touch with Clients.
  7. Use Contests, Sweepstakes and Group Offers.

Pinterest provides an amazing opportunity to show off the visuals of your listings. This fourth largest social site is all about connecting through images. As a realtor, this sounds like a great match. Your listings get sold by appealing to visual emotions, right? Apply this to Pinterest.

  1. Set Up a Board about Your Neighbourhood.
  2. Set Up Boards about Your Lifestyles.
  3. Set Up Boards about Home Decor.
  4. Set Up a Board for your Listings.
  5. Use Hashtags.

There are many other social sites real estate agents can use very effectively.

  1. Linkedin
  2. YouTube
  3. Blog

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